MP studio for Operations Manager

Decrease Complexity, Speed Implementation, Minimize Risk, and Increase Productivity across the lifecycle of your Management Packs (MP’s).

When embracing the value of Systems Center Operations Manager, you don’t want to be burdened with new layers of complexity or storms of unwanted alerts

Management Pack Life Cycle

Management Pack Life Cycle

For greater control over your Management Pack lifecycle, MP Studio:

  • Reduce the time and effort to implement Operations Manager by minimizing the complexity of authoring, testing and optimizing Management Packs and analyzing their impact for improved results
  • Save time by enabling bulk customizations to Management Packs
  • Eliminate needless alerts and reduce the risk of implementing Management Pack changes to production by pre-deployment testing against QA or production environments
  • Easily view and export “What’s Running on my Server” to discover what Management Packs, rules, monitors, and overrides are running on any managed agent
  • Safeguard against unnecessary mistakes through comprehensive version control with backup and audit histories
  • Avoid unexpected changes in service monitoring and ensure compliance documentation by reporting on all Management Pack changes


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