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Even with best-of-breed search technology, companies lose millions of dollars in lost productivity because information workers can’t quickly find the information they need to do their job. Often, users don’t find the information at all, forcing them to recreate content that already exists. Longitude Search reduces this waste by fortifying Microsoft’s best-in-class enterprise search technology with tools to make finding information – and acting upon it – faster and more efficient. Rapidly deployed and fully integrated into SharePoint’s user interface, Longitude Search lets organizations unlock the full potential of their Microsoft search technologies. provides knowledge workers with fully formatted previews of all search results, regardless of format or source. Delivered with full hit-highlighting and a dynamic graphical hit map, users can quickly assess relevance without having to download the file and open it in its native application. When relevant content is found, users can take instant action on the content directly
from the preview.

Longitude’s Instant Preview technology

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Longitude’s AptivRank technology automatically tunes Microsoft’s search ranking algorithm based upon the explicit actions users take upon content, so future searches are more accurate and knowledge workers more productive.


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