Application Performance Management

Application Performance ManagementApplication Performance Managemt, or APM inshort, is a general name for all activities needed to acheieve on going measurement of applications performance and availability. Application Performance Management (APM) includes tools and best practices.

Since 2005 Efficens Software has been implementing APM solutions in some of the largest companies in the Israeli market, including banks, government offices, telecommunication companies and others, gaining vast experience and knowledge of both the technologies available and the methodologies needed to best acheieve these goals.

We will work with you to help you implement APM system that will best suite your company’s goals and end user’s expectations.

Our APM services include:

  • Analysis of existing technologies in the company that could assist in APM implmentation
  • Guidance and assistance in choosing the right APM technology/technologies for you
  • Implmentation of APM technologies and definition of realistic APM Goals and KPI’s
  • End users’ training
  • Application Performance improvment processes

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