Web Performance Optimization

achieve faster web sites
Fasater websites gain more visitors and generate more revenues !

No. this is not just a marketing statement but a result of many studies resulting in the rising of WPO (Web Performance Optimization) awareness. WPO is much like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as it drives more traffic to your web site, but here the resemblance ends. WPO directly affects your end user experience, drives more revenues to your organization and reduces the operation costs associated with your web site.

Efficens Software assists companies to evaluate their web site speed and intranet portals, identify the required steps needed to achieve better performance, and if requested is also implementing the required changes, either by code changes or using cutting edge technologies.

We operate based on proven methodologies, such as YSLOW and PageSpeed, developed by companies such as Yahoo and Google, thus setting the pace for web performance studies and efforts.

What do our Web Performance Optimization (WPO) services include?

  • Analysis of web sites speed resulting with a detailed call for action
  • implementation of necessary steps and technologies to accelerate your web sites and portals
  • Implementation of technologies and methodologies to continously monitor yoru web site speed

Where to start from  ?

Let us check your web site speed, free of charge. all that is required from you is to fill in yoru details in this form


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